Tom’s Elton Tribute: The Elton Experience at Orpheum Theatre

Tom's Elton Tribute Tickets

Orpheum Theatre | Sioux City, Iowa

Tom's Elton Tribute

Prepare to be dazzled by the masterful tribute to the legendary Sir Elton John, as "Tom's Elton Tribute: The Elton Experience" takes center stage at the prestigious Orpheum theater in Sioux City, Iowa. Penned for the evening of Wednesday, 28th August 2024, this musical extravaganza promises a journey through the iconic tunes of Elton John that touched generations.

With hits like "Rocket Man", "Your Song", and the energetic "Crocodile Rock?" Relive the magic of Elton John's well known career, recreated by a performance exalted for its fidelity to the charisma and showmanship of the formidable star.

Dive into the vivid spectacle of color and sound, as Tom's acclaimed rendition reverberates through the hallowed walls of the Orpheum – a venue acclaimed for hosting nothing short of the outstanding in entertainment. Join us for "The Elton Experience" for a reunion with timeless classics. With ticket prices starting at just $55, why wait to secure your spot!

Prepare to bask in the glory of Tom's Elton Tribute: The Elton Experience, a concert celebration that will light up the Orpheum theatre on a blissful Wednesday evening, August 28th, 2024. Get set to plunge yourself in the magic of Elton John's greatest hits as Tom's amazing tribute brings to Sioux City, Iowa, the beautiful and timeless songs of Elton John.

Tom's Elton Tribute

This show-stopping act is hailed as the premiere Elton John solo and full band tribute in the world. The artist at the helm, Tom Cridland, is embarking on a momentous US Tour in 2024, delivering audiences an extraordinary journey through Elton John's renowned songbook. Revered for his charming renditions of hits like "Your Song" and "Bennie and the Jets", Tom has splendidly channeled the essence of the music icon.

Orpheum theatre Information

The Orpheum theater stands as an emblem of historical significance in Sioux City, boasting a legacy of hosting brilliant concerts. With over 2,000 seats, including plush accommodations in the orchestra, loge and balcony, the theatre offers a luxe experience for all. For information regarding amenities and venue highlights, please direct inquiries to the Orpheum theatre staff. This architectural treasure promises to be the perfect setting for Tom's tribute to Sir Elton John.

Ticket Information

Seize the opportunity to witness this high-voltage spectacle-tickets are available starting at $55. Ensure your experience at the Elton extravaganza by securing your passes through Ticket Squeeze. By clicking the "buy tickets" button, you access a reliable marketplace offering safe transaction platforms for your purchasing convenience.

Tom's Elton Tribute at Orpheum Theatre

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